Estate Planning

Our estate planning attorneys offer personalized advice and practical solutions for families and small businesses throughout the state.

We work with individuals and families to create custom designed estate plans tailored to each client’s unique desires and circumstances. We pride ourselves on listening carefully to your goals, concerns and objectives, and we help identifiy issues and options to consider, taking into account your family dynamics, family objectives, business objectives and real world practicalities.

We prepare living trusts, will, powers of attorney, and other instruments that will assist you in achieving your goals. We also prepare irrevocable trusts to help you achieve your lifetime giving, wealth transfer and philanthropic goals.  We advise clients in post-death administration of trusts and estates, have experience in representing trustees in trust administration matters, and we represent trustees and beneficiaries in trust and estate disputes.

Even when a person has a well-drafted will or a properly constructed trust instrument, his or her death may still set off a round of disputes that can tear the remaining family apart. The opportunity for conflict can be particularly great when there are significant assets involved. However, disputes can arise even over the most modest estates.

Our attorneys handle all types of estate litigation. We help families and heirs resolve problems that are interfering with the winding up of the estate. We represent heirs, executors, administrators and trustees in matters involving:

Dissolution of a family business to wind up an estate

Significant real estate holdings and other assets

Contested wills and trusts

Charges of breach of fiduciary duty

Charges of undue influence

Charges of lack of capacity

Coercion of the testator


Finding heirs

Acting as executors and administrators

In addition to handling matters such as these, our attorneys act as executors and administrators for clients upon request. This experience enhances the ability of our firm to provide effective representation during any dispute over the disposition of an estate.