About The Firm

Our comprehensive legal practice includes civil litigation, real estate, appellate advocacy, employment law, general liability litigation, business law, escrow and title issues, and a wide range of civil and business matters. Because of our attorneys’ vast experience in a wide range of practice areas, we are able to identify key legal issues in legal matters quickly, saving clients’ time and money.

Experienced and Dynamic Attorneys

The attorneys in the firm are known as aggressive attorneys with high standards of professionalism and legal advocacy. The firm is also regarded as creative lawyers who think outside the box and explore all options to achieve the best possible outcomes for clients at a reasonable rate.

Our Value-Added Approach

We combine years of experience, skill and breadth of achievement typically found at large law firms with the responsiveness and individual attention characteristic of smaller firms. With decades of experience spanning a broad array of legal disciplines, we bring the collective talents and abilities of our attorneys to our clients efficiently and effectively, and at a far more reasonable rate than found at larger firms. Every client, large or small, receives personal attention from one or more of our highly rated lawyers—a value-added approach to our clients’ legal needs.

Our Expertise

Our attorneys have extensive experience in civil litigation and trials concerning general business, real estate, employment, estate planning, mortgage law, as well as transactional matters. We represent a wide range of clients including individuals, small businesses, lenders, insurance companies and national firms. Our attorneys and staff have built strong alliances within the business, real estate and legal communities in order to best serve the needs of our clients.

A Reputation for Results

To achieve the favorable outcomes our clients deserve, our lawyers work with experts and specialists. We consult with investigators, and forensic expertise and others to build strong cases. Our business clients come to us for a wide range of litigation and transactional services, including drafting contracts, resolving partnership disputes and defending against a variety of civil claims. In these and in all areas of our legal practice, our firm exhibits the highest standards of professionalism, a passion for justice and a commitment to success on behalf of our clients.

A New Model of Legal Representation

Today’s clients want to be involved in the resolution of their legal issues to a greater degree than ever before. We serve as advocates, counselors and advisors, not decision makers. By simplifying and explaining complex legal concepts, we empower our clients to make wise decisions. It is an innovative yet sensible model of representation — we put clients first.

Our foundational principles — innovate, involve, simplify, resolve — guide our work as we strive to achieve our goal of client satisfaction.

Involve: We keep our clients informed so that they can make the important decisions. Historically, the attorney’s role has been that of the trusted counselor who made the important tactical decisions. However, as our clients become ever more sophisticated, they are also more proactive and view the attorney’s role as an advisor and advocate. Although clients want counsel about important decisions, they ultimately make the decisions themselves. This empowers the client to evaluate and manage risk.

Simplify: We make complex legal issues understandable for our clients. Despite the sophistication of our clients, commercial law and litigation, real estate law and insurance matters and others areas of practice can be mind-boggling. We take the time to explain the process in understandable terms.

Resolve: We bring about closure quickly and efficiently. Complex litigation is renowned for being protracted and expensive. We recognize this is rarely in the best interest of our clients. We do everything possible to position our clients for success at trial while striving toward an early and favorable resolution.

Our clients have found that the “firepower” associated with much larger firms isn’t mutually exclusive. The uncommonly deep experience and focused knowledge of our lawyers enables us to protect clients in the most complex legal disputes. We emphasize proactive legal counsel and pre-litigation intervention to limit our clients’ exposure. When lawsuits must be filed or defended, we are prepared to fight.

Despite our competitive qualifications, Nassie Law is small enough to provide one-on-one continuity and accessibility. We are proud and protective of the long-term relationships we have built with our clients.